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I get the message: "No admitted application(s) are currently available for selection by you. Please contact the institution with any queries".

Student will not be able to register yet due to the Admission Status and/or student admitted to an offering type not selected for online registrations.

Action required by Student:
Step 1: Check your admission status on the SOS system (“Student Enquiry” > “Academic Admission Status”). Verify your admission status for the relevant Year and Qualification Code.  You will only be able to register if your Admission Status Description is “Unconditionally Accepted”. If the admission status is correct according to step 1 above, then proceed to step 2.

Step 2: Contact your Faculty Office to verify the Offering Type on your admission record, or alternatively, report to the registration point at the campus.

Step 1: Faculty Office to verify the validity of the Admission Status Code of the student on SNAPPA-3.   If necessary, update the Admission Status Code.  If the existing Admission Status Code is leading to:  “Unconditionally Accepted”, then proceed to step 2.

Step 2: ARC to check if the Cycle W for Year/Block/Offering Type exists and or is open (SMNT-2).  If not, update accordingly or proceed to step 3.

Step3: Request HEMIS department to verify the “Allow iEnabler” for the Offering Type on GCS-5. Student should proceed to registration point at the campus if the Offering Type has not been selected for online registrations.

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09-01-2015 15:20
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