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I get the message: "Registration at the institution is currently closed. Please contact us with any queries".

The system is not available for online registrations. Verify the online registration period for your Qualification and Offering type – refer to Online Registration booklet (http://www.cput.ac.za/students/about/registration).

If the registration is within the set registration period (dates and times), then contact Call Centre on 086 123 2788 or 021 959 6767 for further enquiries.

Step 1:  Call Centre to log a call with the message, Student Number, Contact Number, Qualification Code and Offering Type
Step 2:  BAS to verify the registration period allowed for the Qualification and Offering Type.  If the Qualification Code and Offering Type is allowed, then proceed with Step 3
Step 3:  BAS to verify that Cycle W exists for Year/Block Code and Offering Type on SMNT-2.  If not, create the cycle combination.
Step 4:  If the Cycle W for the Year/Block Code and Offering Type exist, then verify the start and end date of the cycle and update accordingly.

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09-01-2015 15:14
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