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I get the message: "Registration at the institution is currently closed. Please contact us with any queries".

The system is not available rk>forrk> rk>onlinerk> registrations. Verify the rk>onlinerk> registration period rk>forrk> your Qualification and Offering type – refer rk>tork> rk>Onlinerk> Registration booklet (rget="_blank">http://www.cput.ac.za/students/about/registration).

If the registration is within the set registration period (dates and times), then contact Call Centre on rong>086 123 2788rong> or rong>021 959 6767rong> rk>forrk> further enquiries.r />r />STAFF SUPPORT: r />Step 1:  Call Centre rk>tork> log a call with the message, Student Number, Contact Number, Qualification Code and Offering Type r />Step 2:  BAS rk>tork> verify the registration period allowed rk>forrk> the Qualification and Offering Type.  If the Qualification Code and Offering Type is allowed, then proceed with Step 3r />Step 3:  BAS rk>tork> verify that Cycle W exists rk>forrk> Year/Block Code and Offering Type on SMNT-2.  If not, create the cycle combination.r />Step 4:  If the Cycle W rk>forrk> the Year/Block Code and Offering Type exist, then verify the start and end date of the cycle and update accordingly.

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09-01-2015 15:14
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