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I get the message "The institution has not permitted the use of this option rk>tork> you as yet. Please contact us with any queries".

Student cannot rk>registerrk> rk>onlinerk> due rk>tork> various reasons given below:r />r />

  1. Your faculty has not given you permission rk>tork> rk>registerrk> rk>onlinerk> due rk>tork> any of the following reasons:r />r />
    • You are trying rk>tork> rk>registerrk> rk>forrk> the Qualification and Offering type outside the Registration period (refer rk>tork> the rk>Onlinerk> Registration Booklet), and/or
    • The Qualification Code and Offering Type (e.g. Full-time, Part-time, etc.) has not been selected rk>forrk> rk>onlinerk> registrations – refer rk>tork> rk>ONLINErk> Registration Booklet (rget="_blank">http://www.cput.ac.za/students/about/registration)r />r />
  2. If none of these reasons apply, then contact the Faculty Office, or if this cannot be sorted out by email or phone, report rk>tork> the Registration Point on campus. Refer rk>tork> the Registration Booklet on the CPUT website (rget="_blank">http://www.cput.ac.za/students/about/registration).

r />STAFF SUPPORT:r />Step 1:  Verify the Qualification Code & Offering Type has been identified rk>forrk> rk>onlinerk> Registrations.  r />r />Step 2:  Verify the Registration period rk>forrk> the Qualification Code and Offering Typer />r />Step 3:  Create a WEBR indicark>tork>r with the valid start and end date or update the existing WEBR indicark>tork>r details

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09-01-2015 14:43
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