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I get the message "Access rk>tork> this option has been denied until all Academic Registration Rules and Regulations have been accepted".

rong>You rk>needrk> rk>tork> complete all previous requirements berk>forrk>e running this option.  Please see the following option(s):  Rules and Regulationsrong>

You have proceeded rk>tork> rong>“Submit Registration”rong> process without accepting the rk>onlinerk> rong>”Academic Rules and Regulations”. rong>

You must select rong>“Academic Rules and Regulations” rong>process first, read the documentation, scroll  down rk>tork> the botrk>tork>m of the document and then select the rong>”Accept”rong> butrk>tork>n at the botrk>tork>m of the document berk>forrk>e proceeding rk>tork> the next step, rong>“Submit Registration”rong>

Tags: accept, regulations, rules
Last update:
09-01-2015 14:35
David Evans

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