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Do I rk>needrk> rk>tork> pay R3500 upfront payment rk>tork> be allowed rk>tork> rk>registerrk>?

No. Students who are unable rk>tork> pay the upfront payment of R3500 rk>forrk> tuition and R1500 rk>forrk> residence accommodation,rong> will be allowed rk>tork> rk>registerrk> without the upfront paymentrong>, but must have paid off any fees owing (or made arrangements rk>tork> pay).

Students who are able rk>tork> pay are encouraged rk>tork>, and those who have already made the upfront payment will not be refunded, and the payment will contribute rk>tork>wards your fees.

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22-01-2017 20:31
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