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Having trouble accessing content on the Mobile App?

An internet connection is required in order to use many of the functions of the CPUT Mobile app. This document explains why.


Most of the content available in the CPUT Mobile app requires an active internet connection. This is to ensure that current data is being displayed, since the vast majority of data in the application is time-dependent.

Users of a BlackBerry, iOS, Windows or Android device with a data plan should have little trouble with this requirement. However, users of the iPad (without a 3g data plan), iPod Touch, and Android devices without a cell connection may encounter trouble since these devices require an active Wi-Fi connection in order to access data via the CPUT Mobile app.

The CPUT Mobile app checks for a working internet connection on startup, but does not recheck if the app is open and the phone is locked. As such, this is most likely to be a problem when browsing the CPUT Mobile app and then locking the device, traveling to another location, and trying to use the application without connecting to Wi-Fi in the new location.


Ensure that there is a working 3G or wireless connection when trying to use the CPUT Mobile app. If you are trying to use the CPUT Mobile app after changing locations, make sure that you've successfully connected to 3G or wireless in your new area.

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05-12-2014 20:07
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