CASE STUDY: Connect is an example of an Enterprise Social Network like Yammer. Connect can do for you what Yammer has done for thousands of organizations. Watch this video to understand more.

The Connect Portal

Avoid endless emails.
Have paperless meetings, share ideas, review work, communicate faster.

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Connect is our University’s private social network, an online tool for communication and collaboration. It’s here to help you get your work done and to support teamwork and information sharing across CPUT.

Why Connect?

Have you ever...

  1. Had a question but didn’t know whom to ask?

  2. Thought of a great idea to build on our success as a University?

  3. Wanted to know more about where we’re headed as a University? lets you

Connect lets you...

  • Find answers faster. Tap into your network to see who has experience with a similar question or knows where to get answers.
  • Brainstorm with anyone in the University. You might find inspiration from an intern, a Dean, DVC or your counterpart in another campus.
  • Stay informed about the University's trajectory. Track our progress and understand how your job helps CPUT reach its goals.

What’s more, using Connect helps the University to build a body of knowledge that’s instantly accessible by any employee at any time, from any device with an Internet connection.

You can use Connect to...

  • Meet fellow coworkers who share your interests
  • Find the expert help you need to complete a task
  • Share important news with those who need to know
  • Discuss major decisions and manage change
  • Gather opinions and ideas from across our company
  • Provide peer-to-peer recognition
  • Gain visibility into what’s happening
  • Share best practices and solutions
  • Discover valuable information to inform your work
  • Communicate in real time, while you’re on the go

Connect today!