CASE STUDY: Connect is an example of an Enterprise Social Network like Yammer. Connect can do for you what Yammer has done for thousands of organizations. Watch this video to understand more.

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Avoid endless emails.
Have paperless meetings, share ideas, review work, communicate faster.

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Paperless meetings and document management.

Paperless meetings and document management.

Stay green, achieve Vision 2020 targets and save your printing budget through paperless meetings and access to the right documents, policies and forms. Share documents easily with your Staff Connections and solicit comments from your coworkers.

Share your knowledge.

Share your knowledge.

Connect gives you a voice to share your knowledge and skills with others so you can make the most out of what you know. It starts with your Connect profile. Complete your profile so coworkers can discover who you are, what you’re working on and how you can work together.

Stay in the know.

With Connect, you’re always connected to coworkers, information and conversations. Tap into your spaces to find exactly what you need and discover things you didn’t know to quickly make decisions, get work done and keep moving. Access Newsflash, HR and more spaces.

Team work

Collaborate - from the bottom up.

Don’t let the hierarchy get in the way of working better together. Connect brings together people who share the same goals so that collaboration just happens – even on your mobile phone and tablet.

What else can you do with Connect?


Enterprise Social Media: What's it All About, Anyway?

Enterprise social media — the term has many IT pros scratching their heads. Is it like Twitter? Facebook? And why should they care? Debra Bulkeley, Senior Managing Editor for IDG Enterprise, explains how enterprise social media can improve how employees work together, solve problems, share connections, boost innovation and more.

Connect is a good example of Enterprise Social Media

Case study: Zero email™

Atos Social Collaboration Enterprise Social Network

With a collaborative environment, based on social media, the new workplace is wherever it needs to be and employees are free to work when and where they are most productive.

A move to Zero email™ addresses the challenges organizations face as a result of the continuing explosion in data. Atos' aim is to reduce internal emails between Atos employees by using improved communication applications as well as new collaboration and social media tools.

Connect is a good example of a Social Collaboration Enterprise Social Network.