University Short Courses

Professional Development for PA's and Secretaries R6 740.00

University Short Course

Professional Development for PA's and Secretaries R6 740.00

Fee: R6 740.00

Relevant fields of study: Administration,Management

Offered by: Graduate Centre for Management (GCM)

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Ms. Lizette Ellis, Email:, Telephone: 021460-4237 / 066 473 6471
All individuals who wish to develop their personal and work effectiveness and confidence, in order to enhance their working relationships with colleagues, managers and clients. Basic computing skills are required.
The course is aimed at office managers, office supervisors, office administrators, personal assistants, secretaries and front-office staff.
A hands-on approach will be adopted for this interactive administrative course. This course will include practical sessions in computer labs as well as group discussions. This 36 hours course provides not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical guidance on how to handle a range of working environment situations. Topics covered include:
 Labour Law
 Law of Contracts
 Project Management for Events
 Document and Diary Management
 Self Management
 Teamwork and Conflict Management
 Human Relationship Management
 Business Correspondence and
 Petty Cash Administration

Delegates will learn how to work individually or in a team to contribute to the success of the individual and/or organisation and at the same time contribute to their own growth and development as a person.

Labour Law
The Parties to the Employment Contract
Common Law Contract of Service
Basic Conditions of Employment Act
Employment Equity Act
Labour Relations Act

Law of Contract
Requirements of a valid contract
Consequences of a void contract
Parties to a contract
Content of a contract
Breach of contract
Remedies for breach of contract
Termination of contracts
Contract of Sale
Credit Agreements
Negotiable Instruments
Project Management for Events
Planning, arranging and executing events/workshops

Document and Diary Management (Theory and Practical)
Managing Files (Electronic and Manual)
Managing Records (Electronic and Manual)
Diary Management (Electronic and Manual)

Self Management
Time Management
Stress Management
Assertiveness Skills
Image Management

Teamwork and Conflict Management
The difference between a group and a team
The stages of building an effective team
The advantages of teamwork
Teambuilding techniques
Definition of conflict
Positive and negative conflict
Assessment of various strategies for handling conflict Guidelines for managing conflict

Human Relationship Management
Telephone etiquette
Front office assistance

Business Correspondence and Document Layout
Meeting procedures and documentation
Report writing

Petty Cash
Administering Petty Cash (Electronic–MS Excel and Manual)
After successfully completing all assessments, a CPUT short course certificate will be awarded. A continuous assessment approach will be followed.
On completion of this short course, the individual will be able to:
 Interpret, understand and apply Labour Law applicable to their work environment.
 Understand and apply the law when drafting or interpreting contracts.
 Assess their human relations skills and apply techniques to improve these skills.
 Communicate effectively so as to obtain desirable results.
 Understand how conflict occurs and how to resolve conflict on different levels.
 Work effectively in teams and accept different forms of leadership styles.
 Organise and use time effectively so that productivity improves.
 Identify personal stress levels and apply techniques to relieve stress.
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Important dates and times
Remember to apply and register on time.

Application Deadline: 2024-06-14

Course offered at: Online
Course lasts for: 9 Weeks
Note about registration:
This course will be offered on the Cape Town Campus and Bellville Campus on the 09 March 2019
Class times are: Cape Town Campus Saturdays, 09:00 - 13:00, Bellville Campus Saturdays, 09:00 - 13:00
Note about class dates:
The course will commence with minimum of 15 students.

Please note the course is not Credit bearing.

Remember to apply and register on time.

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Graduate Centre for Management (GCM)


What CPUT Short Course students say...

I met beautiful people, learn about other cultures. Learning English at CPUT was such a great experience that I will never ever forget. Those who want to learn English in Cape while having fun, CPUT is here for you. I am sure you will not regret it at all.

Oria Parcia

Oria Parcia from Gabon

English for Foreign Students course by the Graduate Centre for Management (GCM)

I chose the short course at CPUT, because I am a mom of a two year old. Doing a correspondance course just wouldn’t work for me. CPUT offers evening classes, which enabled me to attend classes for 6 months. I absolutely enjoyed attending the classes, I also learnt a lot and made friends within the similar fields and with similar interest. Thank you CPUT and the SCM team.

Catherine Andreka

Catherine Andreka, Barloworld Logistics FM&S in Cape Town

Supply Chain Management course by the Graduate Centre for Management (GCM)