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Occupational Certificate: Community Development Worker R18 540.00

University Short Course

Occupational Certificate: Community Development Worker R18 540.00

Fee: R 18 540.00

Relevant fields of study: Administration,Public Relations

Offered by: Graduate Centre for Management (GCM)

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Ms. Celeste Terblanche, Email:, Telephone: 084 474 2089
Grade 12
The purpose of this qualification is to prepare a learner to operate as a Community Development Worker. A Community Development Worker collects and provides relevant information from and to communities and builds social cohesion within the community, in order to support the development and implementation of community development initiatives and processes. A qualified learner will be able to:
 Collect relevant community information and provide communities with accurate information relevant to their community development initiatives.
 Operate effectively in groups, teams and forums and act ethically and professionally in data collection and the coordination of forums and meetings.
 Communicate the fears, concerns and needs of the community effectively to the relevant institutions, structures and forums.
 Compile integrated community and household profiles.
Knowledge modules
341201001-KM-01, Fundamentals of Development Practice
341201001-KM-02, Fundamentals of Sociology of Developing Societies
341201001-KM-03, Fundamental Communication Practices

Practical skills modules
341201001-PM-01, Collecting of information regarding community development needs and strengths
341201001-PM-02, Identify the relevant groups of beneficiaries and stakeholders
341201001-PM-03, Participate in collaborative community dialogues and engagements
341201001-PM-05, Execute own personal development
341201001-PM-06, Support the process of facilitating the meetings and forums
341201001-PM-07, Arrange and communicate logistics for forums and meetings/events
341201001-PM-08, Mobilisation of community support for identified initiatives
341201001-PM-09, Record the minutes of community development forums and meetings
341201001-PM-10, Communication of the outcomes of forums and meetings to stakeholders
341201001-PM-11, Provide relevant and clear community development information to stakeholders
341201001-PM-12, Establish, mobilise and maintain community participation and support
341201001-PM-13, Support the identification of capacity building needs and the delivery of capacity building initiatives to community members
341201001-PM-14, Support intervention initiatives within communities
341201001-PM-15, Support the integration of community wellbeing indicators
341201001-PM-16, Support the alignment with legislative and policy frameworks relevant to the initiatives

Work Experience Modules:
341201001-WM-01, Exposure to information collection in rural, urban, inner city or peri-urban community settings
341201001-WM-02, Exposure to the coordination of a full range of community forums and meetings
341201001-WM-03, Exposure to the operations of formal and informal structures
341201001-WM-04, Exposure to community capacity building processes
Certificate will be issued by the Quality Council for Trades & Occupations
Online only

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Important dates and times
Remember to apply and register on time.

Application Deadline: 2024-01-31

Course offered at: Online
Course lasts for: 1.5 years
Class times are: Monday 6 - 8pm
Note about class dates:
Please note the course will commence with a minimum of 15 students.

Remember to apply and register on time.

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Graduate Centre for Management (GCM)


What CPUT Short Course students say...

I met beautiful people, learn about other cultures. Learning English at CPUT was such a great experience that I will never ever forget. Those who want to learn English in Cape while having fun, CPUT is here for you. I am sure you will not regret it at all.

Oria Parcia

Oria Parcia from Gabon

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I chose the short course at CPUT, because I am a mom of a two year old. Doing a correspondance course just wouldn’t work for me. CPUT offers evening classes, which enabled me to attend classes for 6 months. I absolutely enjoyed attending the classes, I also learnt a lot and made friends within the similar fields and with similar interest. Thank you CPUT and the SCM team.

Catherine Andreka

Catherine Andreka, Barloworld Logistics FM&S in Cape Town

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