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Effective Supervisory Management R8 900.00

University Short Course

Effective Supervisory Management R8 900.00

Fee: R8 900.00

Relevant fields of study: Management

Offered by: Graduate Centre for Management (GCM)

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Ms. Lizette Ellis, Email:, Telephone: 021460-4237 / 066 473 6471
Supervisors wishing to improve their skills and anyone with aspirations towards supervision.
It is essential for people such as supervisors to understand the basic mechanics of the business they are in,
if they are to appreciate and understand the part that their jobs play in the general running of the company.
This course is intended to introduce and provide them with basic knowledge on the fundamental aspects of
The course addresses the areas, which will give participants an understanding and a working knowledge of
what is required from operational management in an organisation. The modules covered, include:
Interpersonal skills:
The basis of any job revolves around the ability to communicate well with those above and below, plan,
organise, lead and control operations effectively.
Adopting positive attitudes and dealing with change:
The success of your career may well depend on how others perceive your attitude towards
situations, especially when you are faced with crises or change. A positive attitude will always
achieve more and inspire more confidence than a negative outlook will.
Quality assurance:
It is essential that supervisors and quality controllers work together to create a better understanding of the
needs and objectives of quality assurance, and the benefits emanating from these controls.
On the job skills:
This module examines the supervisor=s situation in the work place and discusses what kind of
responsibilities will be required. It also addresses some of the obstacles and problems which may occur
from time to time.
Company structures:
Supervisors will have a better understanding of the company and its management if they have a basic
knowledge of management structures. This module looks at the relative responsibilities and accountabilities
at all levels of management and how these relate to the shareholders or owners of the company.
Productivity and profit:
This module attempts to show the relationship between productivity and efficiency and why it is essential to
measure and monitor these. It also looks briefly at budgeting, how a profit or loss is made and the effects of
the profit and loss on the business and its employees.
Industrial Relations:
Industrial relations, handling grievance and maintaining discipline are all covered in some detail.
Practical exercises and assignments form a continuous evaluation. A Certificate will be awarded to successful participants.
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Important dates and times
Remember to apply and register on time.

Application Deadline: 2024-06-14

Course offered at: Online
Course lasts for: 3 Weeks (36 Hours)
Note about registration:
2 weeks prior to commencement date.
Class times are: Monday – Thursday , 17:15 – 20:15
Note about class dates:
The course will commence with minimum of 15 students.

Please note the course is not Credit bearing.

Remember to apply and register on time.

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Graduate Centre for Management (GCM)


What CPUT Short Course students say...

I met beautiful people, learn about other cultures. Learning English at CPUT was such a great experience that I will never ever forget. Those who want to learn English in Cape while having fun, CPUT is here for you. I am sure you will not regret it at all.

Oria Parcia

Oria Parcia from Gabon

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I chose the short course at CPUT, because I am a mom of a two year old. Doing a correspondance course just wouldn’t work for me. CPUT offers evening classes, which enabled me to attend classes for 6 months. I absolutely enjoyed attending the classes, I also learnt a lot and made friends within the similar fields and with similar interest. Thank you CPUT and the SCM team.

Catherine Andreka

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