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Chartered Institute Of Management Accounting (CIMA)

University Short Course

Chartered Institute Of Management Accounting (CIMA)

Fee: R25 440.00

Relevant fields of study: Computers,Finance,Language and Communication,Management

Offered by: Graduate Centre for Management (GCM)

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Ms. Arnelle Meyer, Email:, Telephone: 021 460 3527/ 066 473 6465
The CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting does not require
formal entry qualifications. As such it provides open access
to a stand-alone business and accounting qualification and a
springboard to the Professional Qualification for those without
a relevant degree or other accounting qualification. Students
are expected to have a good level of mathematics and English
language to successfully gain the qualification.
The Certificate in Business Accounting offers an entry route to the Professional Qualification, and has direct links to the three
learning pillars on which the 2015 Professional syllabus is based.Additionally, the Certificate in Business Accounting can
be completed as a stand-alone qualification, giving students a recognised certification in the fundamentals of accounting,
economics, ethics, corporate governance and law.
The updated content and weightings reflect the emerging issues that business and financial communities are increasingly
facing. They also include a greater emphasis on professionalism, information and decision making, an introduction to integrated
reporting and the need for increased ethical awareness and corporate governance.
The Certificate in Business Accounting will continue to be examined via computer-based assessment, using a range of objective
test questions.
I commend the updated CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting to you
The course is divided into three frameworks namely:
•Certificate level (CIMA Cert BA)
•Operational level( CIMA Dip MA)
•Management level(CIMA Adv Dip MA)
Each subject within the syllabus is divided into four broad
syllabus topic areas containing one or more lead learning
outcomes, related component learning outcomes and
indicative syllabus content.
Each lead learning outcome:
• defines the skill or ability that a well-prepared candidate
should be able to exhibit in an examination
• is examinable and demonstrates the approach likely to be
taken in examination questions.
The CIMA Certificate in Business Accounting will be assessed
by four objective tests, one for each of the four subjects. The
objective tests will ensure that the learning outcomes tested
will demonstrate knowledge, skill and abilities with a focus
on practical application relevant to employers and businesses
The objective tests will test levels one, two and three of the
CIMA hierarchy of learning objectives. Candidates can expect
to be tested on knowledge, comprehension and application.
Short scenarios may be given to which one or more questions
will relate
The aims of the syllabus for the CIMA Certificate in Business
Accounting are to:
• complement CIMA’s work-based objectives for practical
experience and skills development;
• enable students to acquire an appropriate level of
knowledge, understanding and mastery of the skills and
competencies required at this level.
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Important dates and times
Remember to apply and register on time.

Application Deadline: 2021-04-15

Course offered at: Online
Course lasts for: 1 year
Note about registration:
Note about registration:
2 weeks prior to commencement date
Course also offered online.
Class times are: Thursdays, 17:00 - 21:00
Note about class dates:
Note about registration:
2 weeks prior to commencement date
Course also offered online.

Remember to apply and register on time.

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Graduate Centre for Management (GCM)


What CPUT Short Course students say...

I met beautiful people, learn about other cultures. Learning English at CPUT was such a great experience that I will never ever forget. Those who want to learn English in Cape while having fun, CPUT is here for you. I am sure you will not regret it at all.

Oria Parcia

Oria Parcia from Gabon

English for Foreign Students course by the Graduate Centre for Management (GCM)

I chose the short course at CPUT, because I am a mom of a two year old. Doing a correspondance course just wouldn’t work for me. CPUT offers evening classes, which enabled me to attend classes for 6 months. I absolutely enjoyed attending the classes, I also learnt a lot and made friends within the similar fields and with similar interest. Thank you CPUT and the SCM team.

Catherine Andreka

Catherine Andreka, Barloworld Logistics FM&S in Cape Town

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