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Advanced Production Management: Enablers of World Class Operations (next offering starting 21 July 2022)

University Short Course

Advanced Production Management: Enablers of World Class Operations (next offering starting 21 July 2022)

Fee: R6 700.00

Relevant fields of study: Engineering,Production

Offered by: Industrial Engineering Department

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Ms. Carien du Preez, Email:, Telephone: 083 456 9153
Matric and/or minimum of 3 years’ operations management/supervisory experience.
The course will benefit mid-level managers and senior supervisory staff who are involved in manufacturing or transaction-based operations in the service sector. Operations specialists who are well-acquainted with an operations environment will also find this course advantageous.
COMPETITIVENESS is the foundation of a profitable and sustainable business. In a globally connected world that trades 24 – 7 – 12 businesses constantly need to review operations to find and exploit opportunities for improving competitiveness. An attitude of ‘we have always done it like this’ is a recipe for disaster in this fast paced and changing world. ‘GOOD’ today is most likely ‘MEDIOCRE’ tomorrow.

The quest for improving competitiveness requires, for a start, an understanding of what constitutes ‘BEST PRACTICE’. If ‘BEST PRACTICE’ is unclear and confusing, how can one pursue its implementation? The quest for improving competitiveness also requires a commitment to measuring performance in respect of the relevant ‘DRIVERS OF COMPETITIVENESS’. Do you know what the ‘DRIVERS OF COMPETITIVENESS’ are in your industry?

Over the years various methodologies such as SIX SIGMA, LEAN OPERATIONS and Theory of Constraints (TOC), to name but a few, have been developed to provide roadmaps in pursuit of improving operational performance. These methodologies have a lot in common. They have a common objective: IMPROVE OPERATIONAL PERFORMANCE.

The course ‘ENABLERS OF WORLD CLASS OPERATIONS’ are divided into the following three modules.


MODULE 2 focuses on three commonly used methodologies when pursuing ‘WORLD CLASS OPERATIONS’. Methodologies to be dealt with are Six Sigma, Lean OPERATIONS, and Theory of Constraints. The similarities and differences will be highlighted. The conditions under which certain methodologies will be more appropriate will be extensively dealt with. A framework for the application of all three methodologies will be discussed in the context of the ‘FOUR V’s OF OPERATIONS’ - volume, variety, variation and visibility. ‘Excellence’ requires the ability to function effectively in an environment of rapid changes in volume, variety, variation and visibility.

MODULE 3 focuses on a limited number of key tools and techniques commonly used in the implementation of LEAN operations. The tools and techniques selected are those particularly appropriate for setting up a ‘COMPETITIVENESS IMPROVEMENT’ initiative.
All training material will be provided.
An attendance certificate will be issued. The course content is benchmarked against level 5 of the National Qualifications Framework (NQF).
Only one course will be offered in 2022.
Dates: 21 July - 20 October 2022
Online only

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Important dates and times
Remember to apply and register on time.

Application Deadline: 2022-07-14

Course offered at: Online only
Course lasts for: 40 hours
Note about registration:
Registration opens on 2022-05-01. Unforeseen circumstances or lack of sufficient enrollments may necessitate the cancellation of the course. Please note that ONLY the application form and copy of the ID/passport need to be submitted when registering.
Class times are: Thursdays, 18h00 - 21h00
Note about class dates:
The next course is offered on fourteen consecutive Thursdays, starting on 21 July 2022. The mode of delivery will be live streaming.

Remember to apply and register on time.

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Industrial Engineering Department


What CPUT Short Course students say...

I met beautiful people, learn about other cultures. Learning English at CPUT was such a great experience that I will never ever forget. Those who want to learn English in Cape while having fun, CPUT is here for you. I am sure you will not regret it at all.

Oria Parcia

Oria Parcia from Gabon

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I chose the short course at CPUT, because I am a mom of a two year old. Doing a correspondance course just wouldn’t work for me. CPUT offers evening classes, which enabled me to attend classes for 6 months. I absolutely enjoyed attending the classes, I also learnt a lot and made friends within the similar fields and with similar interest. Thank you CPUT and the SCM team.

Catherine Andreka

Catherine Andreka, Barloworld Logistics FM&S in Cape Town

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