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Website visibility

Website visibility refers to the degree to which a given webpage is visible to search engine crawlers. The ease with which a crawler can index a page, and the ease with which a user can subsequently find that page via a search engine, determines the visibility of that webpage.

It has been proven in research that the ranking of websites on search engine result pages is of importance to website owners. This is even more so when the website is commercial by nature, i.e. selling products or services for example. High rankings on result pages imply more human traffic, which in some cases convert to more paying clients and higher return on investments.

The competition for the top spots on these result pages of mainline search engines (like Google, Yahoo! and Bing) is fierce, and some clients are spending large amounts of money on search engine optimization to ensure that they remain on top or close to the top of the rankings. The large expenditure on pay-per-click schemes confirms this trend, even though more than half of Internet users prefer not to click on PPC results.

A number of factors influence the ranking of natural results on search engines, but the detail of the algorithms and exactly how ranking is calculated, are unknown outside the search engines themselves. Some work has been done on identifying and/or ranking these factors, and two factors appear to feature strongly towards the top of this list, if not occupying the top two positions: quality and quantity of inlinks, and keyword rich, relevant, original content.