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Diploma: (diploma)

Architecture is the art and science of shaping the built environment, in order to support a sustainable quality of life for its inhabitants. Our course takes pride in nurturing both the knowledge and the social skills required for entering the world of architecture. Our Diploma and Advanced Diploma programmes focus on gaining strong creative, technical and practical problem-solving skills in construction methodology, materials and innovative detail design. Students get exposure to a spectrum of architectural issues, ranging from a macro urban scale to human-scaled qualitative design.

Learning takes place through interaction, discussion and debate between students, studio assistants and lecturers. A strong theoretical underpinning supports the necessary knowledge and skills required for studio-based design challenges. The department employs innovative teaching and learning methods including interactive digital and online tools and social media. Students are also exposed to real-life community design-build work where learning happens through doing. The second semester of Third Year in the Diploma course is devoted to experiential learning in architectural practice.

Upon completion of the Diploma in Architectural Technology (3 years), the graduate may become a Candidate Architectural Technologist with SACAP (the South African Council for the Architectural Profession). After completing the Advanced Diploma in Architectural Technology (2 years part-time), the graduate may qualify as a Candidate Senior Architectural Technologist with SACAP, and also has the option to proceed with further Post Graduate Studies at various universities that offer them, in order to become a Candidate Professional Architect (Pr.Arch).

Our courses are all accredited by SACAP and the CAA (Commonwealth Association of Architects), thus they are recognised both nationally, and internationally in Commonwealth countries.

Graduates are Competent Architectural Technologists who can conduct relevant routine technical research and perform, under supervision, architectural services in presentation, documentation, specification, construction design, detailing, administration, planning and design in the public and private, formal and informal sectors of the built environment.

Career Information

The Architectural Technologist will be fit for employment in architectural practice, in both the public and private sectors.  She/he may assist senior staff with drawing, detailing, and presentations and by doing site supervision, as well as monitoring and liaising with clients, engineers, municipalities, quantity surveyors and contractors. Once the necessary experience has been gained, and the SACAP Registration is completed, the Architectural Technologist is recognised as competent and also allowed to handle small to medium size work independently

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Syllabus and fees

First Year

Cape Town Campus:
40620 ZAR

Second Year

Cape Town Campus:
45400 ZAR

Third Year

Cape Town Campus:
41840 ZAR
Experiential Learning

The Architectural Technology programme offers a career-orientated education which consists of a theoretical (or academic) component in the classroom, as well as a practical (experiential) component in the studio or the workplace. The experiential training period, also called an internship, is a minimum of 18 weeks and is scheduled to take place during the second semester of the third year of the programme. The primary aim is to expose the students to the diversities and intricacies of Architectural practice.

Offering Type and Duration
Full-Time /

Course is offered on District Six Campus.

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