Public Relations & Communication

img prm deptOur National Diploma and B Tech in Public Relations Management are renowned for its hands-on approach and innovative teaching methodologies. Students are exposed (from their first year) to the industry that they will one day enter once they graduate, as Work Place Learning (WPL) forms part of the curriculum. This includes Service Learning (SL), whereby students are involved in projects on behalf of ‘real’ clients such as Non Profit Organisations (NPOs); as well as Work Integrated Learning (WIL) which requires third year students to successfully complete a compulsory internship.

The evolution of traditional media as well as the explosion of social media (and the impact that this has on public relations) are included in the curriculum, as professionals need to truly understand the medium that would be best suited to serve their client’s needs.

Our e-learning, course based Master’s degree (which is offered in addition to the standard thesis based Master’s degree) is unique in Africa and attracts scholars from all over Africa and even the rest of the world. Public Relations graduates are employed in a variety of organisations which include big corporations, the media, private consultancies, Non Profit Organisations (NGOs), shopping malls and government departments – national, as well as provincial. Excellent writing skills, a keen interest in the world around us and the ability to give attention to detail form a good foundation for a successful public relations practitioner.