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Industrial Design

img industrialdesign deptWe are called Three-dimensional designers; Product designers and Industrial designers. Our graduates design anything and everything that is mass-produced – from BMWs to iPods; from couches to TVs. We turn good ideas into real products.

Our department is a vibrant and dynamic space where emphasis is always placed on our students and graduates to become designers who are conscious of the needs of communities around them. We provide the opportunity for our students to learn using state-of-the-art equipment and software. Our biggest resource however, is a team of dedicated lecturing staff who are experts in their respective fields and provide our students with a wealth of invaluable experience.

Where it fits in with our curriculum, we partner with industry to run projects with our students. The benefit for students is the “straight talking” response from industry. This approach enhances teaching and learning for both students and staff.

Some joint projects we have worked on include a Biomimicry and Design for Sustainability project, both focused within Cape Town’s East City known as ‘The Fringe’. Further, we are proud to say that we are very involved with Cape Town’s 2014 World Design Capital activities.