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Diploma in Product Design 

The Product Design diploma at CPUT equips students with the knowledge and skills to apply the design process to problems related to mass-produced products, to produce conceptual sketches, technical specifications, rendered images and physical or virtual 3D models to communicate proposed solutions in a professional way.

Graduates will also be able to confidently participate in debates around current design thinking and movements, based on historical reference and position the results of their work in the business framework that generated the need for the design input.


First Year 

  • Product Design 1 
  • Product Graphics 1 
  • Freehand Drawing 1 
  • Technology for Design 1 
  • Business Skills for Design 1 
  • History and Theory of Design 1 
  • Academic and Professional Literacies 1 
  • Engineering Drawing 1 
  • Perspective Drawing 1

Second Year 

  • Product Design 2 
  • Product Graphics 2 
  • Drawing for Design 2 
  • Technology for Design 2 
  • Business Skills for Design 2 
  • History and Theory of Design 2 
  • Engineering Drawing 2

Third Year  

  • Product Design 3 
  • Product Graphics 3 
  • Drawing for Design 3 
  • Technology for Design 3 
  • Business Skills for Design 3 
  • History and Theory of Design 3 
  • Engineering Drawing 3

Advanced Diploma in Industrial Design

The Advanced Diploma in Industrial Design is a full-time 1-year course that will equip students with the knowledge and skills to compose and apply an appropriately researched, professional design process to problems related to mass-produced products, resulting in proposals that take account of the desired function, all user aspects, environmental responsibilities and cultural suitability. 

The graduate will be able to present the proposals, illustrate the desirability of the proposed products and fully justify the applied decision-making in a detailed design report.  Graduates will be able to produce a business plan describing and quantifying the necessary steps to transform the proposals into a real product.


  • Design Entrepreneurship 4
  • Design Theory and Critique 4
  • Emerging Technologies for Design 4
  • Product Design 4
  • Research for Report Writing 4

Career Opportunities 

  • Product Designer
  • CAD Operator
  • Model-Maker
  • Illustrator
  • Furniture Designer
  • Special Effects and Prop Designer
  • Interaction Designer
  • Automotive Designer
  • Industrial Designer

Admission Requirements

Admission into Diploma in Product Design:

  • Minimum APS score of 28
  • English Home Language or First Additional Language 4
  • Mathematics 3 or Technical Maths 4 or Maths Literacy 5
  • You will be required to submit a PORTFOLIO. Please download the requirements here.

Admission into Advanced Diploma (One of the following criteria): 

  • Successful completion of the three-year Product Design Diploma with a 60% pass rate including a portfolio of work and possibly an interview.
  • A student with the above pass rate in the National Diploma in Product Design or an equivalent NQF 6 qualification in Product/Industrial Design from another institution would also be eligible to apply. 
  • Candidates may also apply for Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL) for access into the Advanced Diploma

Venue of Offering

Ground Floor, Design Building, District 6 Campus, Cape Town

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