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Course Information and Fees

Diploma: Emergency Care diploma

Emergency Care

Diploma: (diploma)

This qualification is designed to produce a health professional who is able to provide emergency care and rescue services in the urban and rural setting within South Africa. The graduate will be competent advanced life support provider who will take cognizance of South African history and be able to adapt to the unique circumstances of a changing South Africa with emphasis on equity in health care and reduction in the burden of disease.

This qualification also provides the necessary foundational knowledge, skills and insights needed to form a platform for further study in the field of emergency care. The qualification is thus designed to enable learners to pursue further personal and professional development and to promote life-long learning.

Career Information
This qualification provides an entry or progression point for persons wishing to embark on a career in the emergency care profession. The qualification also serves as a vehicle for self-development of persons already working in the emergency services sector who wish to improve their qualifications. The qualification provides for holistic development of individuals whilst providing them with the competencies required to functioning independently and as a member of the emergency care team. The Diploma in Emergency Medical Care leads to registration with the HPCSA as an Emergency Care Technician (ECT).

Career Opportunities
There is a world-wide demand for emergency care practitioners with the appropriate qualifications and experience. Employment opportunities can be found in the following sectors:
  • Provincial emergency medical services

  • Private emergency medical services and hospital groups

  • South African National Defence Force

  • Remote site services such as offshore oil rigs and the mining industry

Admission requirements


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Career Advantage
This qualification is of benefit to the emergency and health care profession in that it:
  • Provides a consistent and coherent foundation for evidence-based practice at a mid-level worker level and allows for progression within the emergency care profession in the context of the NQF.

  • Provides a means for the critical function of formal certification and registration within the profession, thus ensuring society is served by competent professionals registered as Paramedic.

  • Legitimize the ECT mid-level worker scope of practice in particular, and that of the profession as a whole.

  • Provides a comparable benchmark within the health professions.

Syllabus and fees

First Year

Compulsory subject(s):
32220 ZAR

Second Year

Compulsory subject(s):
36260 ZAR
Experiential Learning
Students will to attend clinical practice shifts at emergency medical services, hospitals and clinics during the programme. These day and night shifts are intended to allow students the opportunity to apply theoretical and practical knowledge from the classroom in the clinical environment and gain the required clinical experience before entering practice as independent practitioners. Students are required to purchase uniform, personal protective gear and medical equipment (e.g. Blood Pressure Cuff and Stethoscope) as well as arrange their own transport to and from the clinical practice sites.

The prehospital emergency care environment is stressful and hazardous. It is not advisable to consider a career in emergency care if you have a mental, physical or medical disability. Applicants who are provisionally accepted will be further evaluated and be required to attend an interview, undergo a medical, physical and phobia assessments before the final selection is determined.

Offering Type and Duration
Full-Time /

Course is offered on Bellville Campus.

For any queries get in touch with:

Contact: Mrs Nandipa Mfecane
Telephone: 021 953 8408
Fax: -

NOTE: The fees in this prospectus are for the 2021 academic year and are provided to assist you in your planning.



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