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Emergency Medical Sciences

img emsPre-hospital Emergency Care includes gaining access to the critically ill or injured patient, making a clinical diagnosis and providing lifesaving treatment by performing advanced medical procedures. CPUT offers two qualifications in the field:

Bachelor of Emergency Medical Care

After completion of the 4 -year Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Medical Care, the graduate is entitled to register as an Emergency Care Practitioner with the Health Professions Council of South Africa. The core components of the degree programme includes urban, wilderness and aquatic search and rescue, basic sciences, anatomy and physiology, general pathology, pharmacology, diagnostics and emergency medical care.

Master’s Degree Emergency Medical Care

Graduates who have completed the 4-year Bachelor’s Degree in Emergency Medical Care may pursue a research based Master’s Degree.

Work opportunities for Emergency Medical Care practitioners

There is a world-wide demand for emergency care practitioners with the appropriate qualifications and experience. Employment opportunities can be found in the following sectors:

  • Provincial emergency medical services
  • Private emergency medical services and hospital groups
  • South African National Defence Force
  • Remote site services such as offshore oil rigs and the mining industry

Why should you consider a career in emergency care?

Do you...

  • have a passion for medicine?
  • enjoy interacting, communicating and caring for people in need of help?
  • like the outdoors and physical activity?
  • cope well in stressful situations?
  • work hard and don’t mind going above the call of duty?