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The FPRC offers the following services:

  • Rheological measurement of suspension, emulsions, pastes and polymers
  • DSC and FTIR measurements
  • Pipeline tests (capillary viscometry) for evaluation of slurry pipeline systems (in lab or on site)
  • Particle size distribution measurement
  • Surface tension measurement
  • Open channel tests for highly concentrated slurries
  • Determination of frictional losses for viscous fluids through pipe fittings at low Reynolds numbers
  • Real-time visualisation studies of heterogeneous mixtures in pipelines using ERT and UVP (Ultrasound velocity profiling)
  • Application of rheology to improve/optimise industrial flow processes
  • On site rheological measurement of suspensions pastes and sludges using a portable tube as well as rotary viscometer.
  • On site quality assurance flow testing

Target Market

  • Explosive emulsions
  • Mining industry – tailings disposal
  • Polymers
  • Pharmaceuticals, food, paint
  • Waste water treatment/disposal
  • Concrete industry