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National Research Foundation objectives

In regard to the objectives of the National Research Foundation, the FPRC group aims to:

  • increase the number of postgraduate students in science, engineering and technology (SET)
  • improve the qualifications of academic staff in SET
  • support academic staff in becoming established researchers
  • increase research outputs
  • implement a corrective action initiative aimed at involving both black people and women as postgraduate students and staff
  • strengthen research infrastructure
  • attract and retain quality staff

Research activities

The Centre's research activities have focused on the measurement and analysis of the rheological properties of industrial fluids, and the application of these rheological properties to industrial flow processes such as laminar, transitional and turbulent flow in pipes, fittings, flumes and pumps. Considerable effort has also been expended on postgraduate didactics such as developing and delivering courses to graduate students, presentations by students at conferences, and technology transfer through seminars and industry courses at national and international level.

Postgraduate studies

There are two laboratories on the third level of the engineering building and one in the basement area near the mechanical engineering workshop. This is where staff members and students conduct different research programmes. Funding is available for masters, doctoral and post-doctoral studies.


List of FPRC Publications