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An internationally acclaimed range of sophisticated and unique apparatus is available for use in student and industry projects. This is supported by established platforms of data acquisition and analysis software and hardware. The centre consists of the slurry flow research laboratories and the rheology centre.

Rheology Laboratory

  • MCR 301 rheometer (Paar Physica) with SALS capability
  • MCR 300 rheometer
  • Six portable MC1+ rheometers for student training.
  • Malvern Mastersizer 2000.
  • Leica DMLA, optical microscope attached to a Leica DC 300 digital imaging system.
  • Fourier Transform –Infra Red Spectrometer
  • Kruss K100 Tensiometer
  • Sinterface PAT1 Tensiometer
  • Differential Scanning Calorimeter

Flume Rig

This rig consists of a 10 m x 300 mm and a 5 m x 75 mm tilting flume, both linked to an on-line pipe viscometer and is used to research various aspects of open channel flow of non-Newtonian slurries. The flume is also used to study flow over notches as well as through venture flumes and hydraulic jumps.

Valve Test Rig

This rig was commissioned in June 2004. Energy losses through expansions contractions and valves are measured.

Pump de-rating Rig

Pump and pipe rig consisting of two centrifugal slurry pumps and two pipe diameters to investigate pump de-rating and laminar flow of mixtures of high concentration coarse particles in fine particle suspensions (statically stable carrier fluids), including the measurement of slurry rheology and particle settling under shear.

Tilting Pipe Rig

Pump and pipe rig contains two diameter pipes can be tilted to 18 degrees. This rig is fitted with Electro-resistive tomography, deposition probes, gamma-ray densitometers and UVP (ultrasound velocity profiling).

Portable Tube Viscometer

Pump and pipe rig with three diameter pipes ranging from 28 mm to 63 mm diameter. The rig can be dismantled and shipped by container to any site to perform rheological characterisation of suspension, pastes and sludges.