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UAV-SysCo (Pty) Ltd

img uav 1UAV SysCo (Pty) Ltd is a South African Black Economic Empowerment company operating as an Original Equipment Manufacturer that will develop, manufacture and market Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) used for Information, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (missions to suit Commercial Safety and Security Operators as well as Military applications).

The company will develop a manufacturing capability for Micro and Mini UAS’s in South Africa, based on a core of South African developed intellectual property. The opportunity originated from the successful development of a demonstrator UAS by the TIA Adaptronics Advanced Manufacturing Technology Laboratory (AMTL) at CPUT.

The company will operate in a cooperation partnership with the TIA Adaptronics AMTL at CPUT, the latter acting as the innovation and technology transfer partner as well as the future hub to support the enhancement of the lower tier supply chains.

UAV SysCo (Pty) Ltd targets Safety and Security Operators (Civil and Military) in South African, African and other International UAS markets. Currently, the South African and African segments have the highest market potential. The company leverages their competitive edge, which is based on quick Micro and Mini UAS development, ease of configuring UAS’s for specific mission objectives based on innovation and technology and price competitiveness.

The first edge is ensured by use of rapid product design and development coupled with an all composite airframe developed from a well-established resin infusion process that provides light weight and strength for a demanding aviation industry.

The second edge lies in the systems integration of customer identified OEM components such as Payloads and Flight Control Systems for specific mission objectives, while ensuring low cost with quality remaining the premium commodity.

UAV SysCo (Pty) Ltd ensures its customers are provided with adequate training and spare parts with quick turn-around times ensuring constant operation of their UAS’s

Company vision

  • To develop, manufacture, market and sell Micro & Mini Guardian Unmanned Aerial System (UAS) for Information, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions to suit Commercial and Military Safety & Security Operators.
  • To transcend the capabilities at the CPUT Adaptronics AMTL to higher (commercial) technology readiness levels.
  • To create opportunities for transformation in the South African Aerospace Industry that is still seen as a relatively marginalised sector.

Company mission

  • To ensure the supply of relevant permits from the South African Directorate Conventional Arms Control for Micro & Mini UAS’s to ensure compliance with the Wassenaar Arrangement and the SA National Conventional Arms Control Act, (Act 42 of 2002). These include an AD&M permit, a Marketing Permit, Export and Import Permits, Contract Authorisation Permits, Conveyance Permits, and SA End-User Certificates.
  • To provide Type Certification approval from the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of a particular client’s country of origin for a specific mission application.
  • To provide fully integrated UAS products for specific Civil and Military application.
  • To ensure a Supplier Development Plan for localising Nano, Micro, Mini, & Close/Short Range UAS manufacture.
  • To ensure a Human Capital Development plan to support the manufacturing operations of UAV SysCo (Pty) Ltd and its supply chain.
  • To provide training and maintenance programs for Nano, Micro, Mini, & Close/Short Range UAS end-users.
  • To provide Information, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) services to Commercial and Military Safety & Security Operators.


  • Conceptual Design
  • Structural and non-structural analyses
  • Rapid manufacturing
  • Systems and sub-systems integration
  • Flight testing & Demonstration
  • Reconfiguration
  • Training
  • Technical support
  • Logistical support

Contact UAV-SysCo (Pty) Ltd

Dr Oscar Philander
CEO & Director: Research and Innovation
Tel: +27 953 8435