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Centre for Distributed Power & Electronic Systems (CDPES)

CDPES research areas include energy efficiency, renewable and alternative energy technology, distributed energy system technology, predictive control of power converters and electrical drives and MEMS energy sensor technology.

  • The center’s research aims to:
  • Develop power conversions for renewable energy sources and investigate interconnectivity of distributed resources with microgrids and electric power systems.
  • Apply such technology over multidisciplinary applications, especially those pertaining to commercial and industrial applications.
  • Investigate and apply optical fiber and wireless communication techniques over large-scale power systems, for telemetry and control.
  • Improve control schemes for power converters and drives.
  • Nuclear Energy, Environmental Protection and Sustainable Development.

CDPES strives to find ways to improve this relationship, using networked sensor technology, ubiquitous computing, ambient intelligence, and associated electronic communication systems developments. Power electronics and drives are used in diverse sectors, ranging from industrial to residential applications.