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Extended Curriculum Programme


The Engineering & the Built Environment Extended Curriculum Programme (ECP) is an extended curriculum, where the first year subjects are spread over two years, with enriched additional support to foster deeper understanding. Students accepted to the Extended Curriculum Programme will use the additional year of enriched learning to assist them to complete their qualification.

Note: This provision identifies students who have meet the minimum requirements to be accepted in one of the engineering qualifications, but could struggle to complete the qualification in the minimum prescribed time.

The ECP programme is offered by the following departments: Construction management, Chemical Engineering, Clothing and Textile, Maritime Studies, Marine Engineering, Civil Engineering, Electrical Engineering and Mechanical Engineering.

Students likely to benefit from this provision:

  • Those with a grade 12 qualification (Mathematics, Science and English) who meet the minimum entry requirements for Engineering, but are under-prepared. A provision by the faculty has been made to accommodate potential students who have 45% and above mark for either the Physical science or mathematics marks provided there is space in their preferred ECP.
  • Students who might find it difficult to cope with the leap between the school experience and first year university experience.

To apply please go to the Online Application Portal: