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Department for Foundation Phase Studies

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The Faculty of Education prepares teachers for the ever-changing world in primary schools. The B.Ed. Foundation Phase programme is offered at the Mowbray and Wellington campuses. With a history of over 100 years of preparing pre-service students for the professional world of Education a number of innovations and best practices are included in the programme:

  • the internal coherence of the programme;
  • good communication with students;
  • experienced members of staff;
  • staff with subject and phase expertise;
  • the offering of all three regional languages;
  • the extensive and well-monitored Teaching Practice programme;
  • extensive attention to Inclusive Education;
  • monitoring of student progress, and
  • a high throughput rate.

The Faculty of Education has built its reputation on the balance we are able to maintain between an academic and a practical approach. The purpose of the programme is modeled on real-life situations with which the student will be confronted when starting his/her teaching career. We are well known for the competitive advantage our students enjoy when they step into the world of Education.

Students make use of an open-door policy offered by lecturers, the head of the department, and the assistant dean. This approach is considered one of the strong points in the training situation. The programme is presented in English on the Mowbray Campus in Cape Town where students can enjoy the hustle and bustle of the urban atmosphere and vibrant student life.

The programme is presented in Afrikaans at the Wellington Campus in the Boland where students can enjoy the peaceful rural atmosphere and safe student life.