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Staff IP Wellington




Prof Lizette de Jager


Head of Department: Intermediate Phase


Room: A8

Office Tel: 021 864 5210

Email: dejagerli@cput.ac.za


Ms Nomalizo Mapasa

Departmental Secretary: Intermediate Phase (Wellington)


Room:  D9

Office Tel: 0218645222

E-mail:  mapasan@cput.ac.za

Ms Tana Abrahams

Lecturer: Afrikaans

Room:  A5

Office Tel: 021 864 5245

E-mail: abrahamstan@cput.ac.za

Prof Pieter Boer


Lecturer: Human Movement


Room: JB

Office Tel: 021 864 5235

E-mail: boerpi@cput.ac.za


Ms Debbie Cilliers

Lecturer: Education and Professional Studies

Room: G2

Office Tel: 021 864 5205

E-mail: cilliersd@cput.ac.za

Dr Sanet Cox

Lecturer:  English

Room:  C6

Office Tel: 021 864 5283

E-mail: coxs@cput.ac.za

Ms Zelda de Beer

Lecturer: Human Movement Science

Room:  D20

Office Tel: 021 864 5233

E-mail: debeerz@cput.ac.za

Ms Cisca De Kock

Lecturer: English

Room:  D44

Office Tel: 021 864 5526

E-mail: dekockc@cput.ac.za

Mr Chris Dumas

IT Coordinator

Office Tel: 021 864 5540

E-mail: dumasc@cput.ac.za

Ms Wilna du Plessis

Lecturer: Life Sciences

Room:  F1

Office Tel: 021 864 5207

E-mail: duplessiswi@cput.ac.za

Dr Chris Hattingh

Senior Lecturer: Geography

Room:  D24

Office Tel: 021 864 5215

E-mail: hattinghc@cput.ac.za

Mr Chris Jacobs

Lecturer:  Technology

Room:  K19

Office Tel: 021 864 5509

E-mail: jacobsc@cput.ac.za

Ms Jenéad Zyster

Lecturer: Education and Professional Studies

Room:  G13

Office Tel: 021 864 5504

E-mail: josephj@cput.ac.za

Ms Lu-Ann Kearns

Lecturer:  Afrikaans

Room: D36

021 864 5293

Email: kearnsl@cput.ac.za

Dr Rolene Liebenberg

Senior Lecturer: Mathematics

Room:  D42

Office Tel: 021 864 5224

E-mail: liebenbergr@cput.ac.za

Ms Jacoba Meiring

Lecturer: Art

Room:  C4

Office Tel: 021 864 5212

E-mail: meiringj@cput.ac.za

Dr Johannes Strauss

Lecturer: History, Education and Professional Studies

Room: D6

Office Tel: 021 864 5290

E-mail: straussj@cput.ac.za

Mr Sephton Solomon

Junior Lecturer: Physical Sciences

Room:  F9

Office Tel: 021 864 5279

E-mail: solomonse@cput.ac.za

Ms Isebell Appolis

WIL Administrator

Room:  D34

Office Tel: 021 864 5249

E-mail: appolisi@cput.ac.za

Ms Marguerite-Marie Liebenberg

Laboratory assistant

Room:  E19

Office Tel: 021 864 5248

E-mail: liebenbergm@cput.ac.za