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Bachelor: BACHELOR OF PARALEGAL STUDIES *NEW bachelor degree


Bachelor: (bachelor degree)

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The Unit for Applied Law was established in 2014 initially as a service department in the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology. It has 16 full time academic staff members across four CPUT campuses. The Unit expanded its portfolio by curriculating the first Bachelor of Paralegal Studies degree in South Africa in consultation with legal and paralegal practitioners in the country and abroad. This three year programme responds to the need for primary legal services and addresses some of the challenges in legal education in the country. The first intake for this unique qualification is in 2018 and it shall be offered on the Bellville campus.

The programme aims to equip paralegal graduates with the requisite theory and practical legal skills at an intermediate level within a paralegal context and serves as a preparatory and screening mechanism for advanced studies in law, including the LLB. It prepares graduates to perform the function of a conveyancing paralegal, legal administrator, legal assistant, human resource paralegal, commercial legal secretary, community-based paralegal, family law practitioner, debt counsellor and reviewer, legal interpreter or motor vehicle accident claims handler. It further prepares graduates to represent clients in a range of dispute resolution fora.

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First Year
Introduction to Law and Ethics (LWE150S) R3,050.00
Private Law 1: Persons And Family Law Practice (PRL151S) R6,100.00
The Law Of Contract (LCT150S) R5,440.00
Communication Skills 1 (CMN150S) R2,490.00
Information Technology 1 (INT150S) R2,500.00
Legal Research And Writing (LRW160S) R3,050.00
Legal Interpretation (LGI160S) R3,050.00
Accountancy 1 (ACC150S) R2,500.00
Second Year
Consumer Law Practice (CLP260S) R3,610.00
Civil Procedure (CVP260S) R3,610.00
Private Law 2: Succession And Administration Of Estates (PRL260S) R6,550.00
Mercantile Law 2: Corporate Entities And Procedures (MCL270S) R6,550.00
Communication Skills 2 (CMN260S) R2,490.00
Information Technology 2 (INT260S) R1,250.00
Accountancy 2 (ACC260S) R1,250.00
Public Law 2: Constitutional Law And Citizenship (PUL260S) R6,550.00
Third Year
Legal Interpreting (LGI370S) R6,550.00
Law Of Delict And Motor Vehicle Accidents (LMV370S) R6,550.00
Law Of Evidence (LOE370S) R3,610.00
Business Administration For Paralegals (BAL360S) R2,490.00
Mercantile Law 3: Labour Law And Alternative Dispute Resolution Procedure (MCL370S) R6,550.00
Public Law 3: Criminal Law And Criminal Procedure (PUL370S) R6,550.00
Private Law 3: Property And Conveyancing Procedure (PRL370S) R6,550.00

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Syllabus and fees
*NEW (First Year)"/>

First Year

For Part-time studies, Introduction to Law and Ethics is offered in Semester 2

Compulsory subject(s):
23320 ZAR
*NEW (Second Year)"/>

Second Year

For Part-time studies, Accountancy 1 is offered in Semester 1, and Accountancy 2 in Semester 2

640 ZAR
*NEW (Third Year)"/>

Third Year

640 ZAR
Offering Type and Duration
Full-Time /

Offering Type and Duration
Part-Time /

Course is offered on Bellville Campus.

For any queries get in touch with:

Contact: Ms. D. Thomas
Telephone: +27 959 6417
Fax: 082 778 0581
Email: thomasd@cput.ac.za

NOTE: The fees in this prospectus are for the 2021 academic year and are provided to assist you in your planning.



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