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Course Information and Fees

ND: COST AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING (Phasing Out - Only students who have previously studied this qualification will be allowed to register) national diploma

COST AND MANAGEMENT ACCOUNTING (Phasing Out - Only students who have previously studied this qualification will be allowed to register)

ND: (national diploma)

To equip students with the knowledge, analytical skills and discipline to effectively operate in the accountancy profession and to perform management accounting functions in a manufacturing organisation.

Career Information
The modern economic environment has become so complex and competitive that last year's financial statements are no longer adequate for the successful running of an organisation. There is an increasing demand for accountants who are able to provide current information (today's facts and tomorrow's probabilities) that is essential for the efficient running of a modern organisation.

The main task of the Cost and Management Accountant is to collect and process information before passing it on to management for decision-making. Among other things, the work also involves:

  • Long-term planning and development of strategies and methods to meet the objectives of the organisation.
  • Short-term operational planning and control of projects and resources by means of budgets
  • Recording and analysing transactions and activities and compiling management accounts
  • Providing and interpreting financial and economic information for decision making
  • Obtaining and controlling funds

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Syllabus and fees
Phasing Out - Only students who have previously studied this qualification will be allowed to register) (Third Year)"/>

Third Year

(National Diploma)

Compulsory subject(s):
30140 ZAR
Offering Type and Duration
Full-Time / One year after the National Higher Certificate

Offering Type and Duration
Part-Time / Two years after the National Higher Certificate

Course is offered on Bellville Campus.

Course is offered on District Six Campus.

Course is offered on Wellington Campus.

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Telephone: +27 21 959 6417
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Contact: Ms L Antonie (Admin: Faculty Office)
Telephone: +27 21 460 3394
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NOTE: The fees in this prospectus are for the 2021 academic year and are provided to assist you in your planning.



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