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Sport Management

img sport deptOur Mission

In particular, our mission recognises that our students must gain the key disciplinary knowledge, practice-based skills and generic capabilities needed to become responsible citizens who are able to contribute to an authentic, free and democratic society, underpinned by critical thinking.

Our Qualifications

The Sport Management Department offers the Diploma in Sport & Leisure Management and the Advanced Diploma in Sport & Leisure Management, along with the Masters Degree in Sport Management, which are newly developed qualification that respond to the vibrant sport industry and the rapidly growing leisure sector, which is characterised by the continued global expansion of resorts. Our new qualifications have been reconfigured to prioritise innovation within the curricula and embrace technology. These qualifications, along with the Post Graduate Diploma in Sport & Leisure Management (due in 2022) include core elements of sport management, sport marketing, sport / exercise technology along with leisure / recreation outcomes and research.

The Sport Management Department is also developing additional new qualifications, these include Bachelor Degree in Sport Coaching, Post Graduate Diploma in Sport Coaching and a Doctorate in Sport Management.

What do we offer?

The Sport Management Department will relocate to the Newlands Cricket Ground, onto a brand new facility that has been designed according to best international educational practice. We will offer students fully equipped lecture theatres with the latest audio-visual technology and a sport library. We will offer state of the art sport / exercise testing and research facilities, exposing students to the latest technology, which also provides research opportunities for postgraduate students. The new home for Sport Management at NCG includes a state of the art teaching and learning environment, as well as world-class research facilities located in the Sport Performance Lab. The new campus will also house the Research Centre for Sport Business and Technology.

Our competitive edge:

The Sport Management Department has the best-qualified staff and facilities for a qualification in the field of Sport & Leisure Management; furthermore our focused experiential training increases graduate employability, as well as developing entrepreneurial skills to capacitate graduates to create start up business ventures.

Admission criteria and fees

Information relating to Sport Management admission criteria and fees can be found on the CPUT webpage or via the following link: