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Public Administration & Governance

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Presently, the department has a total of 1018 registered students, 760 undergraduates, 180 B Tech, 78 postgraduates (61 Masters and 17 Doctorates). The total figure include full-time and part-time.

The B Tech qualification will be replaced by the Advanced Diploma in Public Administration in 2020.

The department comprises 8 suitably qualified academics registered as profession members with various professional bodies and with extensive practical experience in the public sector.

The department is involved with service learning and community outreach programmes that involve students, as part of their preparation for the challenges of the world of work.

Students in their final year of study are placed in various organisations for a period of 3 months to acquire work experiences prior to completing the qualification.

Involvement of industry is facilitated through the representation of members of industry on the departmental Advisory Committee.