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img marketing deptWelcome to the Marketing Department. We currently offer the Diploma in Marketing, Advanced Diploma in Marketing, Master of Marketing and Doctor of Commerce in Marketing, qualifications. These qualifications are designed to equip students with skills and competencies to gain insights to build and deliver brand value, understand customer needs, and deliver superior value while building profitable and mutually beneficial relationships. The higher qualification levels are designed to give the student deeper insights into various specialised marketing areas.

The Department embraces the view that Marketing is a dynamic field to channel your creativity. In a time of technological disruption, economic change and environmental concern, Marketing is fundamental to every successful business model. Over and above, developing and broadening your business acumen, the qualifications presents you with opportunities to share and learn, network and develop excellence in the field.

The Marketing qualifications blend sound academic study with a grounding in professional business practice through industry-based projects and work-based learning that will provide students with practical experience. This will present students with an opportunity to gain experience in a variety of Marketing related areas such as: Strategic Marketing, Branding, Sales and Relationship Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Research, Media Planning and Marketing Communication.

Studying at university should be goal-directed. Each lecture, each subject and each assessment allows a student the opportunity to reflect on their course of study and whether or not the student is gaining as much as s/he should from the experience.

We wish you well as you embark on your journey of growth and development.