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Welcome to the Marketing Department. We currently offer the following qualifications: Diploma in Marketing, Advanced Diploma in Marketing, Postgraduate Diploma in Marketing, Master of Marketing, and Doctor of Commerce in Marketing.

These qualifications are designed to equip students with the skills and competencies needed to gain market insights, understand customer needs, build and deliver brand value, and facilitate mutually beneficial exchange relationships between organisations and their customers. As students progress through the qualification levels they will gain specialised marketing competencies and be equipped to think critically, manage strategically, and engage in scientific enquiry.

Marketing is a dynamic field to channel your creativity. In a time of technological disruption, economic change and environmental concern, Marketing is fundamental to every successful business model. Over and above developing and broadening your business acumen, these qualifications present you with opportunities to share and learn, network and grow, and develop excellence in the field.

The Marketing qualifications blend sound academic study with a grounding in professional business practice through industry-based projects and work-based learning designed to provide students with practical real-world marketing experience. This gives students an opportunity to gain experience in a variety of Marketing related areas such as: Strategic Marketing, Branding, Sales and Relationship Marketing, Digital Marketing, Marketing Research, Media Planning and Marketing Communication.

Studying at university should be goal-directed. Each lecture, each subject and each assessment allows a student the opportunity to reflect on their course of study and whether or not the student is gaining as much as s/he should from the experience.

If you enjoy coming up with new creative business ideas, love networking, or just get excited about developments in technology, social media, and global commerce, then you are in the right place!

Marketing is about using innovation and creativity to add value to society, and having a lot of fun while doing it! Have you ever watched an advert on television which made you laugh hysterically? Or marvelled at the beautiful design and thinking behind a product like an iPhone? Or thought about what makes the intricacies of a giant business like Amazon work? Well, the magic behind all of those things is marketing! And that is what we specialise in teaching.

We have trained some of the top marketing people in the country; people who are now running successful businesses, working in prestigious advertising agencies, or stewarding some of the greatest brands in the world.

We provide a special blend of theoretical and practical training designed to not only equip you with the knowledge you need, but also the skills and contacts necessary to help you become a successful marketer. We have relationships with many large brands and advertising agencies, and often provide exciting real-world experiences for you to learn and grow. In addition we also have a highly rigorous academic approach which will equip you to think critically, engage scientifically, and progress in further study through our masters and doctoral programmes.

From the beginning you will learn how to think like a marketer by learning how to solve customers’ problems through developing systems and programmes designed to satisfy their needs. This involves gaining key customer insights and transforming those into actionable value-adding strategies, building amazing products and services, communicating creatively through traditional and digital media, and facilitating successful long-term relationships between brands and consumers. It really is one of the most exciting and dynamic professions and is quickly becoming one of the most sought after skills in the world.

We look forward to opening up the exciting world of marketing to you and giving you the jumpstart you need to take it by storm.

Career opportunities

Entrepreneur, brand manager, advertising strategist, account executive, marketing researcher, big data analyst, digital marketer, social media manager, customer success (sales) agent, media planner.

We wish you well as you embark on your journey of growth and development.