Project Management and Management

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The world which faces organizational management today continues to be dynamic and challenging. Rapid changes in knowledge and technology are continuously redefining the role that managers are expected to play in ensuring sustained organizational growth, prosperity and even survival in a business and social environment characterised by heightened competition across the globe. It is critical for any management development programme qualification to keep pace with the ever-changing needs of its student cohorts, and to equip them with the relevant knowledge, skills and competencies to successfully engage the multiple risks and opportunities confronting them in the modern world-of-work.

CPUT’s Department of Management and Project Management (DMPM) is committed to playing a role in addressing these growing needs by appropriately skilling our students in line with the University’s vision “To be at the heart of technology education and innovation in Africa”.

The department has in place a holistic set of tried-and-tested course offerings in Management and Project Management, and maintains a keen focus on the content of all its curricula, to ensure their ongoing relevance to the needs of the students. Programmes are rolled out in a graded, phased approach that facilitates the building of student skill-sets from foundational to advanced levels. There is a balance between the theoretical and the practical, so that students acquire and develop applied skills.

Our management programmes offer students real potential for accelerated career-growth, as it enhances their ability to add significant value to their organizations’ strategies and goals.

Project Management as a subject has been incorporated in the Diploma in Management from first year though third year. The purpose of our Project Management qualification is to equip students with a set of knowledge, skills, tools and techniques to be able to initiate, plan, execute, monitor, control, and terminate a low to medium level project within an area of expertise in various industries. Graduates can be employed as Project Coordinators, or Project Managers, depending on their level of knowledge and expertise.

Project Management as a profession has grown in recent years. It is one of the most rapidly growing professions the world over. Various organisations nationally and internationally are opting to ‘projectise’ their operations to remain relevant in today’s highly competitive environment. This has led to a high demand for competent Project Management practitioners.

Graduates from our programmes have made their mark in a wide variety of organizational settings, whether local or global, and are testimony to the empowering effects of sound Management qualifications. We cordially invite you to consider how we might partner with you to enhance your career.