Unit for Strategic Initiatives and Projects

Internationalisation is undoubtedly one of the most powerful forces for change in contemporary higher education. In light of this, the SIP office within the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences endeavours to:

  • Develop a multicultural ecosystem in support of internationalisation;
  • Develop national collaborations and partnerships in support of internationalisation (i.e. intra-nationalisation);
  • Provide a supportive environment and educational experience, that prepares our (and incoming exchange students) at all levels, for global political and social environments; and
  • Develop international alliances and partnerships to support and build our capacity and capability in education, research, enterprise, knowledge and commercial exchanges.

CPUT defines Smart Internationalisation as:“Its commitment to the strategic value of our internationalisation efforts in achieving and sharing our advancements in technology and innovation, and collaboratively blurring the lines between ourselves and our partners in the achievement of multicultural and intra-international communities of practice for mutual beneficence and sustainability of the global environment”.

If you are keen to be a strategic national/international partner, please reach out to the SIP team within the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences.  Together we can achieve so much more!