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Management Accounting

Welcome to the Management Accounting Department.

The Department of Management Accounting is a department under the Faculty of Business and Management Sciences (FBMS) of CPUT, whose sole purpose is to provide academic teaching and learning. 

Our programmes aim to mould our graduates into top-quality and work-ready accountants with substantial knowledge and analytical competence in all aspects of Costing and Management Accounting. Join us in this exciting and empowering journey in preparation for a better tomorrow.

Our postgraduate qualifications are recognised by the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants our umbrella professional body that offers training and professional qualification in management accountancy and related subjects. As a result, our graduates receive credit for some of the modules passed during the course of their programme with CIMA towards their professional qualification.

We currently offer the following qualifications:

  • Advanced Diploma in Accountancy (ADACCY)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Management Accounting (PDMACC)
  • Master of Management Accounting (MGCMAR)

Admission Requirements: Advanced Diploma in Accountancy

  • A National Diploma in Accounting or Cost and Management Accounting (or equivalent), aggregate 60% in the final year of study.
  • HEQSF-aligned Diploma in Accountancy (aggregate 55% in the final year of study) or equivalent with pre-requisites of Financial Accounting 3, Management Accounting 3 (or equivalent), Corporate Procedures (or equivalent) and Taxation 2 (or equivalent).
  • Graduates with an HEQSF-aligned B Com degree or equivalent with requisite entry subjects can apply.

Admission Requirements: Postgraduate Diploma in Accountancy

  • An Advanced Diploma in Accountancy, with an average of 60% on the overall subject of the programme.
  • Baccalaureus Technologiae: Cost and Management Accounting with an average of 60% on the overall subject of the programme.
  • Any NQF level 7 accounting qualification with a major in Management Accounting subject, with an average of 60% in the final year.
  • Completed CIMA operational level as the Postgraduate Diploma is pitched at the same level.

Admission Requirements: Master's Degree

  • An HEQSF-aligned level 8 qualification or an equivalent in an appropriate discipline. Candidates should contact the faculty or consult the faculty website for faculty-specific requirements, especially regarding marks obtained in the previous degree. 
  • For pre-HEQSF aligned qualifications, please consult the relevant faculty prospectus and handbooks for articulation options into the Master's qualifications.

Please take notice of the following

Queries related to: Prerequisites for admission and determining your eligibility for the course you want to pursue; Admission status verification; waitlisting/rejections; How to access the online registration facility; Registration dates; Problems accessing the online registration link; etc. Please email:

manuele@cput.ac.za (Advanced Diploma in Management Accounting)

pasquallien@cput.ac.za (Postgraduate Diploma in Management Accounting)

mtetwas@cput.ac.za (Masters of Management Accounting)

For financial Block queries, please email:


Student Account Enquiries and Quotations for Student Fees, please email:

kunenet@cput.ac.za (District Six, Mowbray, Athlone and Granger Bay)

ezram@cput.ac.za (Tygerberg, and Wellington)

Academic records/transcripts queries, email: 


All residence-related queries must be directed to:


For any other administrative matters relating to academic teaching and learning, please get in touch with the Departmental Secretary: