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ATS Services

The following is a list of services that can be provided directly using the capacity of the University staff and its different academic departments:

New product and process development
From concept to final packaged product. This includes re-development and improvement of existing products or processes. This is usually done by outside sub-contractors who deal directly with you and, when needed, ATS steps into the value chain by offering direct assistance through its own array of equipment and flexible unit operation capacity (see elsewhere).

Niche analytical services
ATS offers routine food analytical services such as full nutritional analysis, microbiological testing and testing of food physical properties such as color, texture, viscosity, etc. More importantly, ATS strives to offer services not available via commercial laboratories. This is done on agreement and may require method development and validation time.

Sensory evaluation
A range of sensory services are available through its own expertise and staff and also via external sensory analysts. Both bench-top analysis and trained panels are available.

Shelf-life evaluation
Real-time and accelerated studies may be conducted using our facilities for temperature and humidity control. Standard parameters monitored are microbiological safety as well as pertinent chemical characteristics such as water activity and rancidity.

Considering the national labeling and advertising legislation as amended, it is essential that your product package / label complies. Our close contacts with specialists, including the national Department of Health (Food Control), allow us to verify and advise in this regard.

Small-scale trials
Our unique food processing facility and its wide range of modular and mobile equipment allows for tailor-made production trials in many instances. This may be done using ATS as the project manager or the facility may be hired for such purposes provided appropriately qualified personnel are supplied by the user. All of this could be done with appropriate confidentiality in the different areas which include baking, meat processing, spray-drying, extrusion, heat processing (retorting, smoking, can seaming), extrusion and the manufactured foods area.

Within constraints and related to numbers and frequency, we can design and offer short courses suited to your company needs. Training with regard to individual instruments or concepts related to food production and analysis can also be offered on a free-standing basis. Your enquiries are welcome.

Auditing of food premises
An initial appraisal may be done by ATS staff but more in-depth audits and implementation of systems may be outsourced to professionals in the field.

Free-standing research projects
In some instances, your company may require free-standing or once-off research to be done on a specific topic. The research may be long or short-term, it may involve bench-work and experimentation or it may just be a literature-based report required. This can be arranged after appropriate consultation and scoping. In some instances, this type of project could also lead to formal qualifications being obtained by students of CPUT or by your own staff involved in the project.

Since it is difficult to capture all the possible forms of services that may be offered or contracted out by ATS, if your specific requirement is not listed above, please feel free to enquire. remember: if we cannot supply the service directly, we will source a reputable provider and hand-hold you through the process.