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Propose a project

You too can propose a project with the assistance of ATS – time for your lightbulb moment to come to fruition!!

All companies, institutions and organisations in the general food (and related) industries are invited to submit proposals for researchable projects which they may wish to carry out together with the assistance of the Agrifood Technology Station at the Bellville Campus of CPUT.

The Station is mandated to offer innovation support and technology transfer to its stakeholders in the country and in the rest of Africa. This call is thus an effort to plan for such and, more specifically, to try to accommodate for the financial implications of such projects. The support of the Technology Innovation Agency (www.tia.org.za) is implicit in this request. Where such projects are approved for further action, funding may be accessible via the Station as well as via other agencies i.e. the Station will assist in, or lead, such funding applications.

Beside its own personnel, the Station has the luxury of drawing expertise from the academic programme in Food Science & Technology and elsewhere in the institution. These academics are heavily involved in ongoing research and innovation, both via their New Product Development projects for final year students as well as other projects conducted at Doctoral and Masters levels. This facilitates industry-based research by bringing down research costs as well as shortening project time.

Terms & Conditions:

  1. There is no closing date.
  2. This invitation is primarily aimed at SMMEs but, pending applications received, may include larger companies as well.
  3. Before you submit such proposals, ATS is willing to sign a non-disclosure agreement to confirm confidentiality. This may be requested by sending an e-mail to dolleyl@cput.ac.za or going to http://www.cput.ac.za/academic/faculties/appliedsciences/research/ats/business where a non-disclosure form may be downloaded.
  4. Companies are welcome to discuss the proposed project before submission in terms of confirming the suitability (not necessarily the quality and acceptability of such submission).
  5. The proposal must be in the form of a one page (A4) motivation/description which must include enough detail to allow for an initial judgment call to be made on the suitability of the project while keeping your potentially confidential detail to yourself. Please us Arial with 11 point font.
  6. The output of the project must be either a new food product or extension thereof, a new or modified food process or manufacturing system, a new food analytical technique, a new packaging innovation, research on a vexing problem faced by the industry or company, or something that generally would put the company concerned in a new business space or market.
  7. The projects submitted will be judged on one or more of the following: degree of innovation, novelty, originality, contribution to improved efficiency in the company, contribution to job creation, cost and feasibility for development, implementation and completion within a reasonable period of time.
  8. Submissions must further include a projected timeline as well as a rough estimate of costs attached to the project.
  9. Submissions must not infringe, or lead to infringement of, any copyright or patents held by a third party.
  10. ATS does not guarantee any funding for the project but will use its own channels for assisting with sourcing funding. In particular instances, ATS may be able to offer a discount for projects pending its own funding being available.
  11. All work on the project so conducted through ATS will be subject to appropriate intellectual property and publicly funded research legislation. This will be governed via a formal contract set up between your company and ATS via the Technology Transfer Office of CPUT where all rights will be spelt out and agreed upon.
  12. Pending quality and suitability of submissions received, ATS reserves the right to not commit to a project.
  13. Proposals may be submitted to the organizers in a sealed envelope marked “confidential” at the office of the ATS Manager or via e-mail in Portable Document Format (pdf) to dolleyl@cput.ac.za.
  14. All submissions will remain confidential to the Manager and selected judges sourced from CPUT staff in the Department of Food Science & Technology or any other academic department as the nature of the project requires. All staff are signed into a confidentiality contract with CPUT.

All submitters will be bound by these Terms & Conditions.