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Some in-house specialized equipment and capacity

  • Canning line with four retorts and two boilers (diesel and electric for small and big batches)
  • Angelus high-speed seamer and MB1 seamer
  • Lye peeling bath
  • Bakery line to do bread, rolls, pastry sheeting including multi-deck ovens
  • Meat processing line including bowl cutter, sausage filler, smoker/cooker, stitch pumper
  • Modified atmosphere packing capacity
  • Various mills
  • Dairy equipment
  • Spray-dryer
  • Pan coater
  • Slicing and dicing capacity (Usrchell Model OV)
  • Hunter LAB colorimeter
  • Rheology measurement: Brookefield and Bostwick
  • Instron for texture analysis
  • Gas chromatograph (MS) – miscellaneous analyses (including fatty acid profile)
  • Liquid chromatograph (incl. UV/Vis, FLD and DA detectors) – miscellaneous analyses
  • UV/Vis spectrophotometer with Peltier heating
  • Differential scanning calorimeter (for melting curve studies)
  • Spectrofluorimeter for antioxidant studies
  • Rancimat for measuring oxidative rancidity of fats and oils
  • Moisture analysis using (Karl Fischer, water activity, air oven. Infra-red)
  • Virtis freeze-drier (12kg condenser capacity) and Bench-top freezedrier
  • Research microscope with photography recording unit and PC
  • Kjeldahl semi-automated protein determination system
  • Soxhlet semi-automated system for crude fat determination
  • FOS Dietary fibre analyser
  • Fibretec analysis (semi-automated) for crude fibre determination
  • Bench-top and high-speed centrifuges (refrigerated)
  • Gerber centrifuge for milk fat analysis
  • Envinonmental cabinets and rooms for shelf-life studies
  • Nitrogen analyzer for protein determination
  • Micro-brewery
  • Comitrol pulper
  • Micro-NIR analyser
  • Steam Jet Cooker (DC Norris, UK)
  • Vitek semi-automated microbiology plate reader
  • Oil press (including nut and seed pressing capacity)
  • Full chocolate line (cocoa mass to finished product)
  • Sugar confectionery line
  • Rheometer and Rapid Visco-analyser