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Doing business with us

Below is a shortened description of the process followed when you interact with us. Included below are links to documents you may download, complete and return to us as required.

  • On request by client, a meeting may be arranged by the Station either at the client’s premises or at the ATS offices. This may require attendance of a Technician and/or other consulting staff.
  • The client’s needs are established and a record of discussion prepared by the Station for retaining in a job file with an appropriate job number. A copy of all such records of discussion is also sent to the client to verify correctness.
  • New clients should at this stage complete the required form and submit it to the Station. (Document)
  • At this stage the Station may prepare and submit a scope of work for client approval as well as an appropriate quote. This may include signing an appropriate non-disclosure agreement where the client so requires. (Document)
  • A project leader is assigned and the client’s needs broken down into specific tasks (scope of work) with the assistance of the Technician.
  • The client is informed of both the market price and/or discounted price for which the client will be held responsible.
  • Once the client signs acceptance of the quote, the project is started on an agreed date.
  • The project leader will monitor (and possibly participate in) the execution of the project.
  • Depending on the length of a project, progress reports will be generated on agreed dates or on reaching specific milestones.
  • On the satisfactory completion of the project, the client will be invoiced by the Station and may also be required to complete a Client Satisfaction Survey for Station records. Results of the project will only be released on payment of the invoiced amount. (Document)
  • In order for ATS to put together a sampling plan and to determine the most appropriate parameters for conducting shelf-life studies on your product, you will have to complete the Shelf life analysis survey.
  • The Agrifood Technology Station wishes to engage with companies and their projects, more especially those that have an innovative nature with benefits for the company and other role-players.