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Diploma: (diploma)

The course is structured to provide applied analytical chemistry, thus preparing students for technician level of employment in industries, quality control laboratories, research and development laboratories, educational institutions and allied industries’ chemical laboratories. The programme lays a foundation in scientific principles, quality assurance, quantitative and qualitative analysis. The Diploma is a foundation for further study towards the Advanced Diploma and Postgraduate Diploma in analytical chemistry as well as other higher education studies in other related science subjects.

Purpose and rationale of the qualification Employment opportunities in the Western Cape require skills in the Chemistry environment pertaining to specialized equipment and advanced technology developments. The vocational focus of this qualification, together with a hands-on teaching-learning approach and well-equipped, modern laboratories ensure graduates are immediately employable in any Chemistry environment. The revised qualification purposes to address skills shortages in regional and national niche industries such as Petrochemical, Forensics, Phamaceuticals, Water Treatment (Environmental) and Radio Chemistry.

Career Opportunities
Graduates practice as chemical technicians or analysts. Industries such as detergent, petroleum, plastics, food, pharmaceuticals, mining, environment, metallurgy and educational institutions employ graduates from this course. They may be employed in laboratory or production work. Duties include quality control, quality assurance, routine analysis of raw materials, products or environmental samples, preparation of basic chemical compounds, data analysis and rep.

Professional registration

The Diploma in Analytical Chemistry is accredited by the South African Qualification Authority (SAQA). All diploma students can join the South African Chemistry Institute (SACI) free as honorary members and they can become full members of the organisation after successful completion of the Baccalaureus Technologiae (B Tech)(Chemistry).

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Syllabus and fees

First Year

Semester 1 Only
Compulsory subject(s):
Semester 2 Only
Compulsory subject(s):
33680 ZAR

Second Year

Semester 1 Only
Compulsory subject(s):
Semester 2 Only
Compulsory subject(s):
43030 ZAR

Third Year

Semester 1 Only
Compulsory subject(s):
Semester 2 Only
Compulsory subject(s):
10840 ZAR
Offering Type and Duration
Full-Time /

Course is offered on Bellville Campus.

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