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Who creates the food we eat?

Have you ever wondered who is responsible for creating your favourite chocolate, cereal, cool drink or even slice of bread?

The answer is Food Technologists.

Many people are under the misconception that chefs are responsible for creating food products, however, the development of every food products starts with a Food Technologists in a laboratory.

From the development of recipes to ensure the correct flavor of a food product, to conducting a wide range of scientific tests to ensure products meet food standards set by authorities, Food Technologist are highly skilled individuals who incorporate their science and math skills with their love for food.

Developing new products

As part of the training programme in the Food Science and Technology Department, all final year Food Technology students participate in the “New Product Development” initiative.

This exciting project allows students to think out of the box and use all aspects of food science that they have been exposed to and come up with a real product that tastes really good.

The New Product Development initiative involves the following:



Students receive a brief and have to come up with ideas for suitable food products. They are tasked to work in groups.

Idea and concept generation

Each group must come up with a product and present their ideas to staff members for approval.

Experimental trials

Small scale experiments are conducted in the research and development kitchen.
product test

Product testing

Microbiological test are conducted to ensure food safety for human consumption.
food chemistry

Food Chemistry

A range of chemical tests are performed to generate nutritional and shelf life information.
sensory eval

Sensory evaluation

Each product is evaluated to check if it will appeal to consumers.


If the product passes all the necessary food requirements and standards, students are given the go ahead to commercialise.
packaging 2

Packaging and labelling

Students have to design their own packaging as well as labels that meet legislation.

Product launch

After a year of hard work, the final products are showcased to the public at the New Product Launch.

New Product Development 2016

This year Food Science and Technology students have been tasked to come up with products using Kelp.

Kelp is the main ingredient for the New Product Development 2016 challenge. Drawing inspiration from the sea, Food Science and Technology students have been tasked with developing a nutritionally balanced, processed food product, with kelp or kelp derivatives as an ingredient.

The products will be showcased at the New Product Development 2016 event, this October.

Become a Food Technologist

Food Technologists study for 3 years. To qualify, students need Mathematics, Physical Sciences, and Life Sciences.

Apply to become a Food Technologist today