Product launch ND & BTECH

Every year the final year ND and BTech students showcase a variety of new products they have been working on through the 2nd semester of the year, this year as always the students came up with very good ideas which brought elicited compliments from all that attended.

ECP HACCP Training by Unilever

The Food Technology extended curriculum students got an opportunity of a life time, when they where chosen to attend a HACCP workshop organised onsite by Unilever. The students learnt a lot and were very happy for the rare opportunity. Unilever has indicated that they would want to continue to train our students for as long as there is funding to do so. Kudos to them!!!

High school visitors to the department

Our marketing drive to educate high school students about the Food Technology department seems to be paying dividends, as we get visitors from various schools during the course of the year. This year as usual we entertain the students with various aspects of food technology. The enthusiastic students are only too eager to learn

Departmental NPD workshop for industry

A yearly occurrence, which Food Technology only just started document last year, is the New Product Development Workshop, which is organised by the department for members of the food industry. This workshop is always well attended and has speakers from various parts of SA and overseas giving talks and demonstrations on the NPD process. Food technologists who have heard about, but not attended the workshop are already looking forward to this years (2013) event.


Casual day & Heritage day - 2011

Staff members and students letting their hair down, (some literarily) to enjoy these days

Product launch

Final year students showcasing their new products at the 2011 NPD launch.

ECP Workshop for local fish farmers
Extended curriculum students program delivering a workshop they developed for the local fish farmers, to said farmers in Stellenbosch
Extended curriculum program students visiting a fish farm in Jonkershoek, in order to get an idea of the process that take place, so that they can develop a workshop to help the farmers overcome their shortcomings as far as the quality of the fish for further processing is concerned


Product Launch


Product launch