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altBiotechnology is one of the most rapidly expanding sciences internationally. This diploma presents an intensive series of courses (theory and practice) which will produce a qualified biotechnologist equipped with the necessary skills required to embark on a successful career in biotechnology at both the academic and industrial levels. During the first and second semester students acquire broad insights into the microbiological and biochemical underpinnings of biotechnology. During the third and fourth semester teaching and training focuses on in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge in microbial biochemistry, molecular biology, fermentation technology and bioprocessing fields. The learners will also be familiarised with ethics and basic business principles.

Graduates may apply for registration with the South African Council for Natural Scientific Professions as Certificated Natural Scientists.

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Department of Biotechnology and Consumer Science
Applied Sciences Building
3rd Floor
District Six Campus

PO Box 652
Cape Town

Head of Department : Prof Lalini Reddy
Telephone: +27 +21 460 3819

Head of Programme : Dr Vanessa Jackson
Telephone: +27 +21 460 9095