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Prof Toefy

img bio walker My postgraduate studies were on Foraminifera (masters on taxonomy) and its use as bioindicators for marine pollution mostly that of trace metals (PhD). As such, I have a keen interest in marine pollution studies and have collaborated with other researchers at CPUT on various projects in marine pollution. I also have training in general Marine Ecology and Biodiversity, which has enabled me to co-investigate projects in these topics. I have more recently been involved in aquaculture studies and my interest in this field has grown tremendously as I see this as one of the key industries which will drive food security in this country.

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Graduated Students

Taryn Joshua

Degree awarded: MTECH Nature Conservation

Title of thesis: Spatial variability of macro-benthic invertebrate assemblages in the Kogelberg region, focusing on the Betty’s Bay Marine Protected Area

Elizabeth Lukas

Degree for which registered: Master of Conservation Science

Title of thesis: The assessment of wastewater quality treatment in the old and new Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF) Plant in a fish factory, Walvis Bay, Namibia

Full/part thesis/dissertation: Full

Current Students

Ntombifikile Nxiba

Degree for which registered: Master of Marine Science

Title of thesis: Temporal colonisation of marine invertebrates on the in situ curated artefacts of the slave ship, São José, Cape Town, South Africa

Full/part thesis/dissertation: Full

Laurenne Snyders

Master of Conservation Science

Title of thesis: Benthic invertebrate fauna, associated habitats and the environmental variables influencing their distribution and abundance in the Southern Benguela Ecoregion

Rifaat Aziz

Degree for which registered: Master of Marine Science

Title of thesis: The effects of exposure to varying salinities on the growth, immunity and physiological responses on the cultured sea urchin, Tripneustes gratilla

Lloyd Sassman

Degree for which registered: Master of Marine Science

Impacts of biofouling on shellfish aquaculture in Saldanha Bay, Western Cape


Lance Misland

Degree for which registered: Master of Marine Science

Title of thesis: Effects of ocean acidification and warming on shell structure and chemical composition of the South African abalone Haliotis midae