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Prof Snyman

img bio snymanMy journey began with an undergraduate degree in Nature Conservation, after which I completed my Honours, MSc and PhD degrees in Zoology. For my Master’s and Doctoral research, I focused on the exciting field of Ecotoxicology, which is the study of environmental pollutants and their effects at different levels of biological organisation. For my PhD, I investigated the use of snails as sentinels of copper oxychloride contamination in vineyards, using biomarkers (in this case cell structure and function) as tools. My research has diversified greatly since my PhD, mainly due to the fact that almost no knowledge exists about pollutants in the Western Cape and their effects on our local fauna and flora. Such knowledge is vital for the conservation and management of our local biodiversity. Consequently, my research interests have now grown and expanded to include soil, freshwater and marine ecosystems, a variety of inorganic and organic pollutants, the use of both animals and plants as biomonitors, and a range of cellular, physiological and biochemical biomarkers. Finally, I remain a conservationist and zoologist at heart and therefore the sustainable management of our local faunal biodiversity remains a passion and research interest of mine, particularly in the context of the needs of local communities.

Selected publications

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