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Mr Ntuli

img bio ntuliMy research interest are on medicinal plants and medicinal plant (phyto) chemistry, microbiology and (ethno) pharmacology. In 2001 I did a Masters study with the University of KwaZulu-Natal School of Botany and investigated a number of plants used by traditional healers and interviewed a number of ‘muti’ gatherers and unveiled different reasons for the use of traditional medicines. I am currently pursuing a doctoral qualification investigating antimicrobial properties of selected medicinal plants which have, over the years, been used to treat certain ailments by the majority of our population who cannot afford western medicine. My current research interests involve the cancer bush (Sutherlandia frutescens var. microphylla aka Lessertia frutescens var. microphylla), used widely in southern Africa as a tea concoction for the treatment of cancer and has anti-oxidant properties and recently reputed to have anti-HIV activity. The main aim of my research is to identify most of the chemical ingredients from sutherlandia as well as other traditional medicinal plants with antimicrobial activity and test these against disease-causing agents.