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Postgraduate Diploma: Marine Science

The purpose of this diploma is to build on the knowledge and skills you acquired during your Advanced Diploma and equip you for working as a researcher in the field of marine science.  In particular, we aim to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to advance in your career through achieving higher level qualifications such as a Masters in Marine Science.

Some key information about the course:

  1. The PG Dip in Marine Science is at NQF Level 8 i.e. it is equivalent to a Bachelor of Science (Honours) degree.
  2. The minimum requirement for acceptance onto the course is 60% for an Advanced Diploma in a suitable field e.g. Marine Science or Nature Conservation or a relevant Bachelor of Science degree (for example with majors in Biology or Oceanography).
  3. You can do the PG Dip in Marine Science either full time (1 year) or part-time (2 years).
  4. We will make use of the block/ release system so that you do not have to be based in Cape Town to enroll for the course. However, you will need to be available on campus for all block weeks (8 weeks in total) as well as if required for lab work, seminars etc.
  5. You will to a large extent choose the specific fields you wish to study. You will need to discuss this with suitable prospective supervisors, preferably before you apply.
  6. There are no formal examinations for this qualification. You will be required to give seminars and write assignments and research reports for assessment.

Table 1: Subjects offered as part of the PG Dip in Marine Science (all are compulsory).

Subject name Course Code NQF level of subject SAQA credits of subject Compulsory or optional (elective)
Philosophy of Science POS580S 8 10 Compulsory
Statistics for Marine Science SMS580S 8 20 Compulsory
Applied Marine Science Techniques MSR580S 8 20 Compulsory
Applied Ocean Science AMS580S 8 20 Compulsory
Applied Marine Biology MCM580S 8 20 Compulsory
Research Project RPJ580S 8 30 Compulsory