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Second year modules

SubjectSummary of module content
Conservation Practice 2ALegal Processes and Frameworks for Biodiversity Conservation. Legislative process and constitution. Short courses: Fire management (Basic) & First aid (Level 1). Conservation Organisations: Structures, Mandates and Responsibilities. Basic Financial Administration. Field techniques. Animal care and capture.
Biodiversity Management 2AManagement principles of freshwater and marine environments, including health assessment, monitoring, environmental impact assessments. The use of aquaculture in conservation, as well as the effects thereof on the environment. Introduction to ecotoxicology.
Conservation Ecology 2Population genetics, pollination ecology and  biomes of the world and South Africa.
Plant Studies 2Module covers the fundamental principles and methods used in the identification, classification and description of plant communities, as well as veld evaluation and vegetation monitoring. Also the impacts and control methods of alien invasive plant species, fire management and threatened plant species management.
Soil Conservation 1Soil formation, Soil texture, soil structure, soil profiles, nutrient and water retention in soil, CEC and factors affecting it, soil analysis, soil rehabilitation, soil biodiversity, soil erosion
Biodiversity  Management 2BCourse covers the principles and application of protected area planning and management with a specific focus on wildlife management.
Conservation Practice 2BRelevant aspects of conservation-related legislation and compliance procedures; Project Management, Ethics.
Conservation Extension 2Environmental Education, Community & urban Conservation, Field guiding, Diversity Management.
Animal Studies 2BVarious aspects of animal behaviour, including food selection, home range, territoriality, mating systems, sexual selection, predator-prey interactions, thermoregulation. Ethology.

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